As you all know, the Aggregate Function can be used to filter out certain data that you may not wish to see in certain calculations.
Unfortunately, the Aggregate Function does not include Frequency.
Does anyone know of a way to create a Frequency Table in Excel that will change according to the filtered data?
For example, let say that I use the aggregate function to calculate the mean for a time difference data set.
Now, let's say that I want to eliminate 0:00:00 from the Mean Calculation.
I can unclick 0:00:00 from the filter and the Mean will be adjusted with the aggregate function.
However, if I am using the frequency function, the 0:00:00 will continue to be included with the Freq calculation.
Does anyone know of a clever, automated way to adjust for the data I want filtered out in Frequency Calculations?
Thank you for your help with this!