I asked another question about Bob T's reply
How do I, or better yet what date format do I replace TODAY() stih?

"BobT" wrote:

> I replied to your previous post but you probably didn't
> see it.
> The formula that I saw changes the two week period every
> week, so you'd never be in the second week. The following
> formula fixes that. I hope someone has a way to handle the
> update problem; I'll be looking for that. I either point
> to an entry date for the record instead of using today(),
> or paste values at the end of the period.
> ="Work Period "&TEXT(TODAY()-MOD(TODAY(),14)+7*IF(MOD(TODAY
> (),14)<7,-1,1),"mmmm d")&" - "&TEXT(TODAY()-MOD(TODAY(),14)
> +7*IF(MOD(TODAY(),14)<7,-1,1)+13,"mmmm d, yyyy")
> This one is based on the 1/1/1900 date system.
> If you don't like that, you can also use Iseven or Isodd
> functions to determine what week your new work period
> begins, but is an even longer function.
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> >The formula for the work period was great.
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> >How do I get it to not move on to the next two week

> period automatically?
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