I am having a hard time trying to create a simple small little worksheet to keep track of the hours my son goes to the babysitter (so I can figure out how much I owe her at the end of the week).

I have created a table that has 5 days. The first column is the Day (Mon-Fri). The second colum is the time he gets there. Third is the time he gets on the bus. Then I have a fourth column that I had used the =TEXT(E4-D4,"h:mm") function to calculate the difference from Arrival Time to Leave for School time and display it as an ammount of hours & minutes. That seems to work fine. I have a second set of columns that follow the first ones that are "Get Off of Bus" and "Get Picked Up". I have the same function repeated to display the difference of THOSE two times into another column and that seems to work ok. However, I can't seem to accomplish what I want. I want to take the two columns that are the "ammount of hours at sitters" and add them together, but because they are created dynamically, it doesn't seem to work. I keep getting into some circular thing and I am NOT that familiar with Excel to know how to fix it! Annnndd, then there's another problem. Every once in a while, school will be out, and he won't get on the bus, so the "get on the bus" and "get off the bus" time spots will ble blank, and I have absolutely NO idea how to get around that!

Surely this can't be THAT complicated....

Thanks for any help!