Hi all,

i'm stuck in creating a report/pivot table.
I do not know how to find info on the net since it is hard to explain
for a database-newbie. But i think it is not that difficult to create
it. But I do not know how to do it in xls and am unexperienced in
Here we go:

i want to have a report where I have all owners of CD1 CD2 and CD3,
their name and then all other CDs they own.

I have a list with all names mentioned multiple times in column A and
the CD title they own in column B.

the pivot tablle should look like :
column 1 : the filter on the eg 5 CD titles.
comlumn 2 : the name of the owner per CD title
column 3 : all CDs this person posesses (including the one mentioned in
column 1).

The tricky part is column 3 : filter the name of the owner on CD in
column1 but show all CDs of the owner which owns the CD in column 1.

Anyone can help?