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Inputing/Arranging Data Across Multiple Sheets

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    Inputing/Arranging Data Across Multiple Sheets

    I have a group of stores which I need to input into Excel. I would like to format the input data on multiple sheets in different manners.

    For example:

    I receive reports with the following fields (each -- represents a different cell):

    Store Name - Number - city - state - zip - owner - tel - fax - e-mail
    John's Food - 12345 - lima - oh - 21445 - Smith, John - ## - ## - **

    What I would like is, when I input the data on sheet 1, to have the data entered on other sheets in a different manner.

    For example, on sheet 2 I might only want the store name and telephone.

    On sheet 3, I might only want the person's name and e-mail, etc.

    I would also like to figure out how a change made on sheet 1 would be able to effect a change on sheets 2 and 3, etc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Good morning jim_dickey

    You don't actually need to represent the information on several sheets as all the information is already there. Just set up several views of the same information set. Use Format > Column > Hide to hide the columns you don't want to see in a view, then go to View > Custom Views and click Add to set it up as a view.

    This way also negates the need to have the other sheets self updating from the first.


    Please familiarise yourself with the rules before posting. You can find them here.

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    Works Perfect

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