How can I make formula which can link my table with different seasons and
different price types for each season?

For example: I have price from 12th May - 20th May = 15,00 eur, from 20th
May-30th May= 20,00 eur.

What is my goal?

If I have different clients that use different service in different period:
client A: use service from 12th-25th May (it means: 15,00eur x 8 days =
120,00 eur + 20,00eur x 5 days = 100,00 eur)

client B: use service from 15th-22th May (15,00eur x 3days = 45,00 eur +
20,00 eur x 2days = 40,00 eur).


How can I link different dates with particular price list?