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VLookup Question

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    VLookup Question

    i have a spreadsheet that data gets added to.


    Column A is an a sub-product number and column C is a main product number and columns D thru O is the months of the year.

    the sub number repeats for each main number and i need to do a lookup and grab the value from one of the months.

    SO how do you do a VLOOKUP on two fields and return one value???

    A B C D E F ..... - O
    1 apples 00100 2.00 2.00 3.12 ...
    2 oranges 00100 3.99 1.12 4.33 ...
    3 bananas 00200 2.22 1.23 4.55
    1 apples 00200 5.00 2.44 2.57
    2 oranges 00200 4.02 4.33 2.98
    3 bananas 00200 5.00 3.99 2.08

    i want to get the value for January (D) product 00200 - oranges(2) = (4.02)

    I hope this makes sense

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    One easy way is to insert a column and concatenate the two lookup columns...then use that as your lookup array and in your Vlookup formula concatenate the 2 lookup values

    e.g. =Vlookup(A1&B1,Sheet2!D:E,2,0) where A1 and B1 are the lookup values and column D on Sheet2 is the new column which concatenates columns A & B.
    Where there is a will there are many ways.

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