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Comparing columns then multiplying result by particular cell

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    Comparing columns then multiplying result by particular cell

    Hallo again!

    Got mysefl stuck on a formulae today...

    I am looking to calculate costs for TYPE taking into account PREFIX in the attached, to go in the blue cells

    In cell AB3 I need to compare column A (DODO1 or DODO2 etc) and Cell M3 (CUP or FORK etc) compared to column D then get the cost from cell R3

    And the same again in cell AC3 getting costs from cell S3

    So that if there are 20 DODO1s which are also FORKS the result in Cell AB3 will be 20 times the cost for FORKS

    Hope that all makes sense!

    I thought I was on the right track trying to adapt my SUMPRODUCT but then got very confused

    Many thanks in advance
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    Try this in cell AB3:

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