Dear all,

In a workbook , if in sheet 2, A1 =John, F1= 10$ ; in sheet 3, A1= Bruce,F1= 5$ ;in sheet 4, A1= David, F1= 20$ and so on for many sheets.
Each sheet is named after a client, having many clients or each time a new one, i created a sheet before sheet 2 named it "First" and the last sheet named it "Last" so that all clients are in between those 2 sheets.

Now in sheet 1 , A1= John which index one of those sheets between the First and Last, and i need a formula to return the balance from F1 of the sheet which matches in its A1 the A1 in sheet 1 , and so on that in the end the results should look like this:

John= 10$
Bruce= 5$
David= 20$ etc...

I appreciate very much your help.Thank you.