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Drop-down menus

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    Drop-down menus

    Ok, so i'm making this great little cost statistics calculator which is going to make my life so much easier at work and i'm almost 100% happy with what ive got bar one little thing.

    I need to use a new workbook each week as I still need the info saved before and after the applicable week, and I dont really want to save dozens of copys of the book in sub folder after sub folder. what I was hoping to do was have it set so that I can have three drop down menus on the first page, in which I could select the week (being 1-5) the period (being 1-12) and the year (being FY09,FY10,FY11 ect) and then I would be refreshed with a new sheet so I can enter the applicable data but still be able to go back to old weeks/periods ect.

    Is this posible? and if so would it take up less space as it may not have to save all the formating over and over?

    Please help!!!

    p.s. I could send a copy of my calc if it would help......

    Mark Beverley

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    Re: Drop-down menus

    I assume you already have got what you want in your spreadsheet. I also assume that your current process is to take a copy of the current week's sheet and the change the dates etc for the new week/period/year.

    There would not be a lot of difference in space saving by having different files vs additional tabs. If you frequently need to refer to old data, then tabs would make sense. If you rarely need to refer to old data, then files may be a better approach (over time the file will get very large). Maybe a combination of approachs would be best - keep one file for each period with 4-5 tabs.

    It should be quite easy to create a macro that will take a copy of the current sheet, give it a name, and change the dates. You could do this using the macro recorder.

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