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Problem with SUMIF

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    Problem with SUMIF

    I am using sumif to refer to another sheet.

    Here is the sumif equation I am using. It is always set on Sheet2 for the sum.

    I would like to be able to have this equation set on a different sheet depending on the sheet name located in the cell next to it.

    '=SUMIF(C2!$B$2:$B$12,B2,C2!$A$2:$A$12) where C2 is a cell with the desired sheet name.

    This doesn't work though. Any idea how I can do this? I can't use vba on this project, otherwise this would be simple.

    I have attached an example that hopefully explains more clearly what I should do. Thanks a million!!
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    Re: Problem with SUMIF

    Hi Eric,

    You might want to try the following formula, which uses INDIRECT:


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