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Collecting data from filled cells and skipping blank cells

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    Collecting data from filled cells and skipping blank cells

    I am a teacher and have a worksheet listing math standards for the school year. I will use one worksheet per student to list grades throughout each quarter for students across from each standard. Usually, each column will only have one standard graded per day (I'm a primary teacher so I'm using numbers 1-4 to show mastery levels.) On test days however there will be multiple grades listed in the same column (since multiple standards are often assessed in one test).

    I'm trying to make a worksheet that takes each student (I've managed to pull over the student names already.) and lists their score for a particular standard on a particular date (so that I'm looking at only the class list with a single grade for each or multiple columns with grades on test days on one worksheet)

    I need to know how to get excel to skip rows that do not have data and only capture the rows that do have data for a particular date so that I can display that in the separate worksheet showing only the class list and that particular grade.


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    Re: Collecting data from filled cells and skipping blank cells

    Hi KellieB and welcome to the forum,

    I would not do a sheet per student. See the attached with a table that can be AutoFiltered for any date or standard or class you want. Then a pivot table (I've done a simple example) can be made to display what you want.

    See if this gives you some other ideas on how to do this problem.
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