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Need help with excel function formula

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    Need help with excel function formula

    Hi guys, really need your help,

    Lets say i have a text in a cell from
    The text that i have is

    (these are all text's not the cell number)

    is there anyway i can use a formula like 'if ' or vlookup that helps me
    when the text is from A1 to A4, then "A" will come out on another cell, if B1 to B10, then come out B, if C1 to C7, come out C, if D1 to D2 then come out D.

    example, if cell D6 contains text "A1", then it will come out , on another cell.
    and if cell D6 contains text "D2" it will comeout D on another cell.

    i keep trying to figure out using the if function, but I can't think of the formula.
    Any help would be really greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Need help with excel function formula

    nstoner, welcome to the forum

    however, please rename your thread to something more meaningful, that actually describes your problem. lots of contributors will look at a thread title, and if it is of interest to them, or falls within their area of expertese, they might only open those threads. also, searching for "help" will not turn up too many results that will benifit you, sorry.
    To change a Title on your post, click EDIT on you're 1st post, then Go Advanced and change your title"
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