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grab (then sum) data from multiple sheets to summary sheet that match a single value

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    grab (then sum) data from multiple sheets to summary sheet that match a single value

    I have a large workbook that has approx. 69 worksheets that are setup in exactly the same way (there are also other worksheets for term fees, enrolments data etc that follow a different naming format). These worksheets capture payments that are received.

    I need to be able to do two things:

    1. On a Summary sheet list all the deposit numbers, then show the sum of all deposits that match that deposit number. The formula needs to check each of the 69 worksheets (the table that records the payments A28:F83). The date of the deposit and deposit number will be entered in manually.

    2. For each deposit number, show the individual entries. E.g. check each worksheet and return the payment date, amount, term reference, Sheet reference (which is the child reference) etc. The total of this should = sum on the summary sheet. Want this to be populated automatically

    I have tried everything from the Index\Match, to vlookup, plus Sumproduct and I can't seem to get it to work.

    I am not an expert at excel so can somebody please help me.

    I setup a named range for the worksheets called Sheets
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