Hi - I'm facing a difficult problem and am reaching out for a little help. I have a database return into one of my excel tabs. I'm trying to create a new sheet that has a dynamic table based on queries into the dump from the database. I'm looking at creating allocation rows so I can create pivot tables off of it. The gist of this is below:

I have the following collumns returned from DB:
  • Assigned To
  • Allocation Percentage
  • Anticipated Start Date
  • Anticipated End Date
  • Company

I need to be able to return a row for each company that one person may be assigned to and populate their allocation. The trick is the allocation needs to fill all the months in-between the start and end dates in the output rows.

Example Below:

Sheet A is pulling from Sheet B which has a data connection to the database

Sheet A has columns: Project, Anticipated Start Date, Anticipated End Date, Jan-13, Feb-13, Mar-13, etc

I'm looking for tips on how to dynamically populate this new sheet and also fill in the months in-between the start and end dates with the selected allocation amount. \