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Data validation with multiple lists

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    Data validation with multiple lists

    haven't been able to find a solution to my question after browsing the forum messages so i'm hoping i am able to describe the end result i hope to achieve.

    currently i'm working with two worksheets, the first worksheet is essentially the data entry screen and the second sheet is where all the predefined choices and auto fillin information is kept. the data that i deal with falls into several categories of which there are many items in each category. due to the sheer number of items i thought it best to narrow down the scrolling through an "all items list" by having a category list. the user chooses a category from the first list and as assumed, the second list (items) is dependent upon the category chosen in the first list (categories). the remainder of the hard coded data that will automatically fill the remaining columns i am using vlookup. being able to select any category and have it's related items show up works well but only the items in the first column will display the hard coded data that follows by using the vlookup function. i have attached an example of the worksheet.
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