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Help on Pricing Quote Calc Formula

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    Help on Pricing Quote Calc Formula

    Hey Guys

    I need some help plz ....Im currently in College doing my Bussiness/Commerce course.....In my project I need to create a business plan & a module is to create a Quote/Cost calculator in Excel (which gives point on time management/continous improvement). The area is construction and focusing on windows.

    I have my data I just need help in terms of how to proceed with the codes...

    An example of the data is -

    Widthmm Dropmm m2 $
    0-600 0-1600 0.96 (MAX) 119 (WILL ALWAYS BE THIS COST)
    0-600 1601-2100 1.26 (MAX) 126 (WILL ALWAYS BE THIS COST)

    All I want my excel code to do is add in my width and drop and for a price to be created......I need the values to fall in between MIN&MAX values EX. 425x1500 is the same cost as 590x1400 (0-600 x 0-1600) always will be $119, so if I have a m2 field and it will always be rounded to the highest possible figue just like in the date explained above.

    425 x 1500 = .6375m2 (rounded to max .96m2) .96m2 x ($123.958) = $119

    Do I even need the m2 field? Or can I just set codes so if values are picked up in 0-600 x 0-1600 it will always cost $119

    0-600 x 1601-2100 will always cost $126

    Please help I have attached a simple chart to set parameters.

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