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Trying to shorten if then statements

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    Trying to shorten if then statements


    I have a very very long if/then statement that I want to shorten but not sure how to. I need to choose from a long drop down list then based on that and a type need to pull the correct weight and $ from table. However, if the body & side = 76, then I want to pull the info from A31-A40 other than that all the info should be pulled from A5-A29.

    Please see the spreadsheet and current formulas that work, however they are not very clean.

    Thank you,
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    Re: Trying to shorten if then statements

    If you EVER find yourself creating individual range names for dozens of single-cell references...Please post a question here instead.

    Regarding your issue...
    I believe these regular formulas return the values you're looking for:
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    Then delete all those unnecessary range names.

    Is that something you can work with?
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