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Percentrank gives me #N/A

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    Percentrank gives me #N/A

    Hi all,

    Hoping someone could help me with this. I am analyzing employee data using percentrank. I have a list of comparator employees in rows B5:B77, and the employee I am comparing is in cell B3. I enter the function: (=percentrank(B5:B77,B3) and get a percent rank, just as I should.

    The problem is when I use the exact same formula with a different subset of employees. When I enter the function (=percentrank(B5:B9,B3), it returns #N/A. Why would this be? The only thing I have changed is the number of comparator employees. Something about lessening that number is messing me up.

    As always any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Percentrank gives me #N/A

    use iferror function in front of the formula

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