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Vacation Accrual Linking Spreadsheet Formula

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    Vacation Accrual Linking Spreadsheet Formula

    The company I work for has a spreadsheet that details each employee's vacation time. The spreadsheet is set up like the attached (Vacation_1), spreadsheet. In columns A and B it lists the date (i.e. 23-Dec-12) and Day of the week (i.e. Sunday) respectively. In columns C and D it lists the Vacation and Personal time that each person has used for that two week period (vacation and personal time is accrued every two weeks based upon how long that person has been with the company). For example, on the attached spreadsheet Employee two used 8 hours of personal time on 28-Dec-12.

    The spreadsheet continues like this for the entire calendar year with our HR administrator updating the spreadsheet when employees take time off. My problem is that this spreadsheet is protected and very few people have access to it. I need to create a spreadsheet that links to this sheet and pulls each employee's data. I would like to set up a separate spreadsheet that lists:

    Employee Name:
    Beginning Balance as of (Date):
    Time Accrued (up to today's date):
    Time Taken (up to today's date):
    Balance (As of today's date):

    Is there a formula I can use to do this? Or does anyone have any suggestions about how I should solve this problem? I'll admit I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to Excel and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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