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Vlookup first name out of combined name?

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    Vlookup first name out of combined name?

    Hi everyone, could anyone explain to me how to do a vlookup, but when returning a value only returning it up until the " " in the name? So if i were looking up a clients primary contact, i would use the client name to find the match, then when returning the name how do i make it only return his first name?

    Thanks for your help!

    Company | First Name
    Client1 | John Doe

    I would like to return just John from vlooking up client1

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    Re: Vlookup first name out of combined name?

    In that case why don't split up the data in 2 columns, then you can use VLookup for that.

    Stays the problem if you got 2 name with the same first name:

    e.g. John Doe and John Steel
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    Re: Vlookup first name out of combined name?

    =LEFT(VLOOKUP("client1",$A$2:$B$20,2,0),FIND(" ",VLOOKUP("client1",$A$2:$B$20,2,0))-1)
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