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Help with IF function

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    Help with IF function

    I need help with an IF function. I have a column of dates that I want evaluated. If the date is less than 6 months ago from today, I want to return a value. If the date is between 7-12 months from today, return another value. If between 1-2 years from today, another value. And lastly, if greater than 2 years, return another value. Can someone please help me?

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    Re: Help with IF function

    Suppose [A1] has the date you want evaluated. This should work:

    =IF((TODAY()-A1)<180,"Less than 6mos",IF(AND((TODAY()-A1)>180,(TODAY()-A1)<365),"Between 6 and 12",IF(AND((TODAY()-A1)>365,(TODAY()-A1)<730),"Between 1 and 2","Greater than 2yrs")))

    Note- this won't consider leap year
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