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employee vacation accrual and tracking template

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    employee vacation accrual and tracking template

    I'm looking for a vacation spreadsheet that tracks vacation has a column that lists the carryover and the yearly accrual. Ive seen several that list all employees but I am looking for one that is by employee. Where you can list the dates and it totals the days and links back to current available and deducts the days. I saw one online for purchase I like but was not able to download.

    I'm not excel savvy enough to make myself...Anyone have one similiar to this?vacation-accrual_weekly.gif

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    Re: employee vacation accrual and tracking template

    Hi Lundberg99

    I have just written the attached. It works on the principle that you fill in the details of the employees for each pay period, together with any time that they have taken and it will post everything on to their own sheet. You can then set up a sheet for the next pay period.

    Is this the sort of thing that you were looking for?

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    Re: employee vacation accrual and tracking template

    Try downloading Attendance History 2012.xlsm from the site below:
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