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Forecasting across future months

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    Forecasting across future months

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to the forum and new to using Excel for anything more than what most children do at school but am trying to use it to populate some future recruitment predictions in my job as a researcher in a University.

    Basically, I have a database which can spit me out the name of a trial, its start date, end date, target recruitment and current recruitment. Using this I want to be able to identify the remaining recruitment (target - current) for each trial and then divide this by the number of months it has left running and then populate that figure into each month column from now onwards. Then I will be able to see across all my trials the target recruitment by month from now on.

    Quick example; a trial is open from now until end of May (2 months), it has a target of 10 people to be recruited, I want it to put 5 in the April column and 5 in the May column.

    I have managed to achieve this and attached it on here, although it will probably look sloppy to anyone with Excel experience.

    What I cannot get it to do is to populate these targets into month columns for trials that start on a future date. I don't know a formula to use to tell it that if a trial start date is in June for example, then to ignore the April and May column and just populate the June columns onwards with the target recruitment per month for the x number of months that it will run for.

    In the attachment, the top 9 rows are for trials open already, then rows 18 &19 are trials that will start on a future date

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    Re: Forecasting across future months


    In J18 copied across

    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    You may wish to check your logic.

    With the open trials you include the last month in the calculation whenever the closing date is within that month. With the future trials you seem to be limiting the analysis. e.g. Test 2 site runs from 4 June 2014 to 4 Oct 2014, which is admittedly 4 months, but the same logic doesn't apply to the open trial on row 2 which runs from 9 May 2013 to 9 May 2015 but shows as 13 months.
    Richard Buttrey

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