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Best way to share excel 2013 with multiple users

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    Best way to share excel 2013 with multiple users

    Hi all!

    Currently my work uses google docs to simultaneously edit some tracking sheets for campaigns we are running, to help keep track of pacing and performance on a daily basis.

    The Google Doc works fine, but is very manual. I have created an Excel file that allows us to dump data in each day and automatically updates all fields for us, so we can really dive into the numbers instead of wasting time on the plug. Now the tricky part is how can I share this doc so that we can all make updates at the same time, and where do I store it?

    I have saved it in my Microsoft OneDrive and made it shareable, but when I e-mail the workbook to others, it isn't connecting them to the OneDrive version, but instead giving them a local option. How can I make it so we can all access it at anytime, from any computer - and also simultaneously make updates? Is this possible within excel or will we need to continue to use Google docs?


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    Re: Best way to share excel 2013 with multiple users

    If you store the file on a shared network drive that others can access you can then send them a shortcut to the file. Excel 2013 has a share workbook option on the review tab that will allow users to make simultaneous edits.

    However, 'share workbook' comes with its own limitations (such as not being able to use Tables for starters) and can sometimes be quite prone to file corruption.

    If you're ok with the restrictions on it (list here ) then I'd say continue using it but take regular back-ups.

    Alternatively, if appropriate for your data set, you could try to departmentalize by having several different files for different people/departments that then all pool data into one master file.
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