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Sort and Match 2 different columns

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    Sort and Match 2 different columns

    Hypothetically-- lets say you had column A with 500 rows of 7 digit numbers and column b of 700 rows of 7 digit numbers... is there a way to match columns for identical numbers and then sort to have the ones that match line up? I have this scenario with 30 other columns of data but I need to cut it down to only those that matched in the other column. Thanks!

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    Re: Sort and Match 2 different columns

    Probably not the best way to do it, but I'd have two helper columns for each column you want to check.
    If I wanted to know which numbers in column B existed in column A, then:
    In cell C1 I'd have =IFERROR(IF(MATCH(B1,A:A,0)>0,ROW(),""),"") copied down the same number of rows that are in column B
    And cell D1 I'd have =IFERROR(INDIRECT("B"&SMALL(C:C,ROW())),"") copied down for at least the amount of possible matches

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