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remove blanks rows from data

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    remove blanks rows from data

    i have a data in excel sheet but there is a blank rows between data and i want to remove it .. but data is too huge .. i also search it how to remove blank rows.. and i get this point go to special then option blank and click OK.. and from this blank spaces will be selected and so you able to delete it but when i done this blank rows not remove from data ..how i solve this

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    Re: remove blanks rows from data


    Assume data contains in range A1:D10
    row#3,4 & 7 are blank

    You need to follow the below steps:

    1) Select range A1:D10
    2) Press F5 key to open GO TO DIALOG BOX
    3) From Special click on Blanks (this will highlight all the blank cells as you mentioned it)
    4) Use CTRL + - (Dash) shortcut keys
    5) Select Entire row


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