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Percentage added to a previous number

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    Percentage added to a previous number

    Hello, does anyone know how to do this simple excel calculation... i'm having difficulty with it. I want to do the following..
    cell A1 : place a variable % number (say for ex 6%)
    Cell A2: enter initial $ amount (say $200)
    Cell A3 : This would be week 1 : i want the total to appear $212.... which is obviously ($200+6%) ... I got it to work till here. my problrm is the following weeks. I just want to select the subsequent 52 cells for 52 weeks and have each week see the result with the % (cell A1) number added to the previous week. If i decide to change the % number in cell A1 i want all the 52 weeks to be updated automatically so i may see what it would be at any given week. If anyone is interested I can send you my excell file i'm trying out.

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    Re: Percentage added to a previous number

    Is this what you want?

    A3 and copy down.

    Formula: copy to clipboard
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