Hi, Great forum

I have an interesting challenge and I wonder if anyone has any ideas.

Each week we need to batch process circa 200 reports which arrive in Excel 2010 (macro-enabled) format. Each is a workbook with 5 worksheets using the same template. Then
PDFs need to be created of the 2nd worksheet in each. The final step is to also combine the output into one single PDF.

Does anyone know of any reasonable solutions? I've tried about a dozen offerings.

There is one commercial tool I found that does the job quite well called Convert XLS. Given its $499 price tag the interface is outdated and clunky, but the end result is good. However at more than the cost of Excel itself, our IT dept won't entertain buying it.

Others I've tried have other problems, such as they can't handle 64 bit systems, don't allow selecting worksheets, can't handle .xlsm files.

Your suggestions are very welcome