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Excel not showing all horizontal axis labels

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    Excel not showing all horizontal axis labels

    Hi all,

    This has been frustrating me all evening so I hope someone can highlight what I'm doing wrong.

    I'm trying to create a fairly simple graph with three sets of data in it. I have selected the range for the horizontal axis labels however for some reason Excel refuses to show the final label (which should be a 1 - the first label is also a 1 so there should be a 1 at each end).

    I have attached the file. The graph in question is on the 'Summary' sheet and is the Mean Temperature and Rainfall vs Long Term Average graph.

    I hope I'm making sense!

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    Re: Excel not showing all horizontal axis labels

    I selected the 2nd chart and pulled up the Select Data dialog. I observed:

    1) The horizontal category axis data range was row 3 to row 34, just as you indicated.
    2) The range for the Mean Temperature series was row 4 to row 34. I assume you intended this to be the same rows as the horizontal axis data, so I changed it to row3 to row 34. The final 1 immediately appeared.
    3) The other two data series were set for row 3 to row 33. Again, assuming you intended these to cover the same range, I changed them to row 3 to row 34. No new change to chart, so up to step 2 was adequate to correct the problem.

    It looks to me like the problem is in how you are defining both the horizontal and vertical axis data for at least the first series. Does that fix the problem?
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