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Custom formatting in TEXt or Concat Function

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    Custom formatting in TEXt or Concat Function

    Hey everyone,

    I am trying to use custom formatting $9.1M (for example) inside a concat formula to combine two numbers and text without losing the custom formatting. I want cell F9 to look like this: $9.0M ($60 / SF). When I try to format the $9,000,000 using TEXT it gives me #value. CAn anyone help with this? Thanks!

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    Re: Custom formatting in TEXt or Concat Function

    Welcome to the Forum!

    We cannot figure out what your question is from just a picture. Please describe what you have, what you want to do, and what you want it look like.

    An image attachment has very little value. Just attach the Excel file. It's easier than taking a screenshot first and then attaching that. The paper clip icon does not work for attachments. Instead, under the text box where you type your reply click the Go Advanced button. On the next screen scroll down and click on Manage Attachments, which will show a pop-up window to Select and Upload a file. Then close the window.
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    Re: Custom formatting in TEXt or Concat Function

    well, as Jeff noted, there is no question so this is a total guess...
    if "values" are in col D, "text" is in col E, "per sf" is in col F and G...
    for your months (120) this =D5&" Months"
    for the TI Allowance this =TEXT(E6,"$#,###")&" ("&F6&" / SF) ("&G6&" / SF)"
    for Total Improvement Estimate this =TEXT(E7,"$#,###")&" ("&F7&" / SF)" which will also work for Capital.
    the rest simply look like you point at the cell with those values in them.
    AGAIN, w/o a question this is just a guess.
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