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Consecutive Numbers

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    Consecutive Numbers

    In an example attached 1 represent outage/Absenteeism so in order to find consecutive number like 1 after 1 , twice or thrice . Kindly help
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    Re: Consecutive Numbers

    So, what is the question? And why are some cells highlighted Yellow? Some are just below another 1 but some are isolated by itself. i.e. B153, G155.

    What is the logic you are looking for and do you want a summary or just conditional formatting?
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    Re: Consecutive Numbers

    Use this as a New Rule, Use Formula...

    It will highlight (I used red), each time 2 or more cells contain a 1. It wont highlight the last 1 in the sequence, but will still show the sequence.
    IE if 2 1's, 1st will be highlighted
    if 3 1's 1st 2 will be red etc
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