I used to be able to place my cursor in the Find What field of the Find tool without a problem. Actually, it would just open up with the cursor placed there. Now I have to take an extra step of some kind; either change an Option (doesn't matter which one), click the drop-down button or go to the Replace tool and place the cursor in the Find What field there. Even simply clicking the Options button will open up the field to me. Why? I can't find any setting that might be making it do that and the extra step is irritating, if all I want to do is find something and not replace something.

My Options settings are:
No format set
No boxes are checked on the Matching options.
Search within sheet,
Search by rows and
Look in Values (This can be anything. I tried all options.)

If I change something, I can place my cursor in the Find What field, but once I close and re-open the Find tool, I can't place my cursor there any more without clicking something else first. Is there another setting somewhere that I am missing?