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Dynamic Tables Based On Dropdown

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    Question Dynamic Tables Based On Dropdown

    Hi All Ė

    Iíve been searching around the internet trying to find how a certain process is done but I keep on running into dead ends because Iím nearly certain that Iím not using the correct terminology. So any help in pointing me towards a tutorial/instructions on how the following can be done (or even just the name of this process) would be greatly appreciated.

    Explanation/Example of what Iím trying to achieve:

    I have budget tables for various offices and would like to display one table at a time on a ďBudget SummaryĒ tab based on the office selection from a dropdown list on that tab.

    The tables are pulled in a certain format and I would like to avoid putting them into a pivot to use slicers.

    Let me know if additional clarification will help.

    Thanks again in advance.

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    Re: Dynamic Tables Based On Dropdown

    Hi there. You probably want 'dependent drop-down lists'. This is one such tutorial: https://trumpexcel.com/dependent-dro...list-in-excel/

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