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Group/Sort Data using helper column (Index Match)

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    Group/Sort Data using helper column (Index Match)

    I'm looking to find a way to group/sort data based on a 2 serial numbers, in this case called Demand Number and Supply Number.

    The logic I'm trying to apply is if an items supply number matches the demand number of another item then it should be shown underneath it for example if you were to sort the data shown below:


    You would get the following result:

    I think I will need to use some helper columns, to apply 'levels' to the items but I'm really not sure where to go.

    Thanks for the help!!

    Data as text:

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    Re: Group/Sort Data using helper column (Index Match)

    In the sorted list, why doesn't the Suspension come after the Car instead of the Engine? And so it seems that if there are 2 Demand numbers that match the Supply number that you just list one of them, and then look to see if another Demand number matches the new supply number? And does the nut follow the washer because there were no demand numbers that matched "10095"? This seems to be some weird sorting logic. And why does the Washer come after the Suspension and not one of the Nuts below it?

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