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1 miss click, hours are now numbers

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    Exclamation 1 miss click, hours are now numbers

    Greetings Everyone

    I am very new to this forum, so if I post something in the wrong place or in the wrong way, forgive me.

    With that out of the way, here is the problem. I use excel mostly for keeping track of my tasks and projects. I also use it as a time table. I was on the phone and meanwhile tried to write something down. Apparently I miss clicked somewhere on the right side of my keyboard (close to the Numpad). The whole excel tab stretched out, and my hours became decimal numbers below 1. So Instead of 10 o'clock I now have 0,4166666... It is probably very easily fixed, but how?

    Kind regards and thanks a bunch!

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    Re: 1 miss click, hours are now numbers

    Hi and welcome
    reformat your cell to h:mm or whatever your original format was. 0.416666 is the same as 10 o'clock as one day is 1 to XL so 10 hours is 10/24

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    Re: 1 miss click, hours are now numbers

    Some how it would appear the cell has re-formatted.
    0.4166666 is equivalent to 10.00 am try formatting the cell 'HH:MM'

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    Re: 1 miss click, hours are now numbers

    Hi there,

    Try: File >> Options >> Advanced

    Scroll down to the section "Display options for this worksheet" and uncheck the box which says "Show formulas in cells instead of their calculated results"

    (I think you may have accidentally pressed Ctrl + the "funny slanted apostrophe" key, i.e. ASCII code 96)

    Hope this helps.


    Greg M
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