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File size query

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    Post File size query

    Hi all, Does a file size increase if more and more files link to it externally?

    I have a file with around 10-15 tabs in it with hard coded financial data (~500 rows, 1000 columns each). No external links. But this file is then used by a number of different teams/ workstreams to link back to (one version of the truth), and I was wondering if that's contributing to the large file size - its 50+MB which I think is high given its just hard coded data.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: File size query

    No, a workbook doesn't have any record of what workbooks link to it. What file type is it?

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    Re: File size query

    I just used this code to create a sample workbook:

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    It simply puts the row and column number for each cell into 500x1000 cells using a formula, converts the formula to values and copies the sheet.

    15 sheets is 38.6Mb
    16 sheets is 41.1Mb

    No formulae, no formatting, no Conditional Formatting

    The 16 sheet workbook had the code in it so maybe a tiny bit for that, but negligible.

    As I just created the workbooks from scratch, I know there is no bloating. The content of the cells ranges from "1 1" to "500 1000", so, not complex.
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