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Attempting to filter text within a cell

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    Angry Attempting to filter text within a cell

    Hello, brand new excel user here:
    Currently I am working on a large spreadsheet and working to organize photos and items based on multiple factors. The main factor I am organizing by is simply by numbering the photos and then listing what category they fall into. What I am attempting to do is arrange it so under my "category" column I can enter multiple titles under the same photo number and have one photo filtered into multiple filters.

    For example if there a picture of someone running by the ocean and I have two categories, one for pictures by the ocean, and another for pictures of people running, how I could I get the same photo to end up in the two different category filters?

    I hope this wasn't too confusing any help would be greatly appreciated, let me know if I need to clarify.

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    Re: Attempting to filter text within a cell

    Excel is probably not the best tool to do this. My first choice would be a free app that is specifically for organizing photos. My second choice would be Microsoft Access.

    To use Excel for this, it is very difficult to do the way you are envisioning. You need a different approach. The best way to do this is to have a column of numbers and a column of photo names (not sure how you are doing this--using file names?). Then for every category you want to use for each photo, you use another column to put the photo number and the next column for the category. You will have a row for each category for that photo. This is a database-like approach, which is much better than trying jam multiple bits of data into one cell.

    The example I attached uses Excel Tables, which automatically use the formulas when you type in a new row at the bottom. You may want to google more about tables.
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