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Power Pivot return the TOPN'th value from selected column

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    Question Power Pivot return the TOPN'th value from selected column

    Hi All,

    I am working inside Excel Power Pivot, so I am not looking for a PBIX solution.

    I have the following function established for my TOPN table:

    TOPN(1000,CALCULATETABLE(fData_Al_Time,fData_Al_Time[Week_Class]="PreviousWeek",fData_Al_Time[Calced_Ride_Class]="Successful"),[Dispatch time],1)

    I want to extract the TOPN'th value instead of performing any other aggregations, how can I do that.

    I tried to use MAXX, but its gives me the MAX number from the overall column, not the TOPN'th row:
    MAXX(TOPN(1000,CALCULATETABLE(fData_Al_Time,fData_Al_Time[Week_Class]="PreviousWeek",fData_Al_Time[Calced_Ride_Class]="Successful"),[Dispatch time],1),[Dispatch time])

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: Power Pivot return the TOPN'th value from selected column

    There are instructions at the top of the page explaining how to attach your sample workbook.

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