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Add shaded bars to seasonal chart to show summer and winter months

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    Add shaded bars to seasonal chart to show summer and winter months

    Hello folks,

    I'm making a line graph that shows water consumption fluctuations over several years. Is there a way to make the background of the chart shaded for certain months of the year? For example a light blue shade for winter months and light yellow for summer? This shading would of course be behind the trend line.

    I've added a sample excel sheet.

    Please note this is my second post on this forum. I'm still learning my way around.

    Kind regards,
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    Re: Add shaded bars to seasonal chart to show summer and winter months

    Short but useless answer -- yes it is possible to create colored backgrounds. Typically they almost always involve building a combination chart (are you already familiar with building combination charts?):

    1) This one uses an XY scatter + stacked area combination chart to create a colored background for scatter chart: https://peltiertech.com/shaded-quadr...scatter-chart/
    2) This one is all stacked bar, but it puts colored vertical bands behind a Gantt like chart: https://peltiertech.com/Excel/Charts...ticalBand.html
    3) This one uses a line + column chart to highlight weekends: https://peltiertech.com/Excel/Charts...ticalBand.html

    I would guess that option 3 is going to be the easiest to adapt to your temperature vs. time chart. Have a look and let us know what parts of your chosen approach you have trouble implementing.
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