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Excel SUM and COUNT fuctions are adding +1 to the result, how to fix this?

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    Question Excel SUM and COUNT fuctions are adding +1 to the result, how to fix this?

    Hello, I have an excel sheet that I set up and am trying to add a SUM and COUNT function at the bottom of a specific column. The issue is that these functions keep adding +1 to the result, and I have no idea why. Normally I would have just accepted the values given by the functions, but I know they are wrong for 2 reasons. 1) because this sheet was only created to verify another table, so I know what the results are supposed to be, and 2) when I select the cells in this column the, SUM and COUNT displays on the bottom right of the spreadsheet have the correct values, while the functions within the spreadsheet are exactly those values +1, as shown in my screenshot.

    I did a test where I created a column of 5*1s, and the SUM and COUNT functions both gave 5, so in that small scale they worked. What could be wrong with the larger column to be causing this error? The values are all whole numbers, 0s, 1s, and 2s. The column was created using a VLOOKUP function to copy them from another sheet.

    excel sum count error.png

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    Re: Excel SUM and COUNT fuctions are adding +1 to the result, how to fix this?

    Welcome to the forum.

    There are instructions at the top of the page explaining how to attach your sample workbook (yellow banner: HOW TO ATTACH YOUR SAMPLE WORKBOOK). Screenshots are of little practical use as we cannot manipulate them.

    A good sample workbook has just 10-20 rows of representative data that has been desensitised. It also has expected results mocked up, worked examples where required, relevant cells highlighted and a few explanatory notes.

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    Re: Excel SUM and COUNT fuctions are adding +1 to the result, how to fix this?

    I'm confident that an excel sum function wouldn't be giving a wrong answer, so you need to look for something else.

    Are you sure the numbers are whole numbers or could they just be formatted as whole numbers? (see attached example)

    Same with the COUNT function. Are you sure your range doesn't include the 'Sum' cell?
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    Re: Excel SUM and COUNT fuctions are adding +1 to the result, how to fix this?

    Your data is clearly filtered. The status bar sum/count will exclude rows hidden by the filter, whereas a SUM formula (or COUNT) will not.
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