I have a table in my source workbook1 that is linked to workbook2. When I insert rows or columns into my source workbook they do not appear in my linked workbook. If I enter data into the existing table of the source workbook it does show in the linked book correctly.

Also, in my source workbook, I have a sum column. When I add new rows and numbers to my souce book the "total" cell in my source and my linked book update correctly, but again, the linked book does not show the new rows and the numbers I entered. Only the numbers that were entered into the previously existing cells show. Ex.- existing column in workbook1 1234567=28 I add two rows with the number 5, 125345567=38 The linked workbook shows 1234567=38

I do have both the source and linked workbooks open at the same time.

I have reviewed the archives here thoroughly without seeing this issue.

Thanks in advance

>From the microsoft site-
Excel can adjust references for you When you insert or delete rows or columns in a source workbook, make sure you first open any workbooks that contain links to the source workbook. If the linking workbooks are open while you modify the source workbook, Excel adjusts references in the linking formulas.