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monitoring students

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    Question monitoring students

    I am involved in education and have an interesting problem

    Students are creating spreadsheets in the work that we do, simple example would be

    place a value in column A and B, in C create the product of A and B, but hwat we are interested in is the formula the students use, ie =A1*B1. When they ahve put formula in we would like the sheet to indicate to us that the formula is correct. Problem nukmber of variations of acceptable formulae. Thought about data validation but this of course produces a drop down list for student to choose from. Tried Conditional formatting but to no avail.

    any chance of any help from anyone. Please

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    If we can assume that any formula that returns the "correct" answer is a "correct formula", you could put the following in D1:

    =IF(C1=A1*B1,"CORRECT","ERROR") where A1*B1 represents a formula to generate a "correct answer"

    Then I would unlock all the cells that the students are to use and Lock the cells with my validation formula. Then Protect the sheet and not allow "select locked cells" to prevent them from seeing my "correct formula". They would only see either Error or Correct.

    Good Luck
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