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Cell Count

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    Cell Count

    How do I count the number of rows with data if I have other rows that are hidden? For example, I have spreadsheet with 30,000 rows (20,000 that are visible and 10,000 that are hidden). I want a function that tell me the number or rows that are not hidden (return a value of 20,000).

    Thank you in advance for any comments.

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    This may not be the answer you want, but you can do the following:-

    If you want to display the total value of a range of cells, use the AutoCalculate feature in Microsoft Excel. When you select cells, Excel displays the sum of the range in the status bar, which is the horizontal area in Excel below the worksheet window. If the status bar is not displayed, click Status Bar on the View menu.

    AutoCalculate can also perform other types of calculations for you. When you right-click the status bar, a shortcut menu appears. You can find the average of or the minimum or maximum value in the selected range. If you click Count Nums, AutoCalculate counts the cells that contain numbers, which are unhidden. If you click Count, AutoCalculate counts the number of filled cells. Whenever you start Excel, AutoCalculate resets to the SUM function.

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