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Hyperlinks - Move file to local drive, all links break

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    Shawn McGowen

    Hyperlinks - Move file to local drive, all links break

    I have a user that created a spreadsheet. For each row entry there's a
    hyperlink that he created. The hyperlink pulls up a jpg and it's pointing to
    a shared drive via UNC path and everyone has adequate permissions to access
    this drive. If you access his Excel file on the network (stored in same UNC
    location as jpgs) the links work. However, if you copy his Excel file to
    your desktop or anywhere else the links break. We get a message that says
    'Cannot open the specified file.' I'm confused. Everyone has access to the
    network location that the links point to and the links use a UNC path. Even
    the user that created this file has the links break if he copies it locally.
    Is there something he's doing wrong? I can't figure it out. If you hold the
    mouse over the broken link here's what you will see verbatim on my computer:

    file:///C:\Documents and

    Now, if you access the file from its network share and hold your mouse over
    the same link, here's what you will see verbatim on my computer:


    What's happening? Why do the links work if accessing the Excel file over
    the network but if you copy the Excel file locally the links break? I don't
    get it. The links are UNC and everyone has permission to access the specfied

    Thank you for all of your help!

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    Try the following format for your hyperlink:
    \\nasden01\common\leases\512.002CG\512.000CG_Front .jpg
    Basically same as you have with the "File:///" removed - this format works for our system and I connect to 50+ different servers using the above format.
    I basically built the document in WORD and then save as HTML - but just moving the Word document to my desktop - I can still access the various servers.

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