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Gantt chart - fill show progress of tasks over task time period???

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    Gantt chart - fill show progress of tasks over task time period???


    as per title...

    basically want to be able to show progress on a gantt chart...
    so lets say you have a job that you plan to take from 01.09.06 'till 14.09.06
    you also want to see progress over this time period to monitor if it's on track or not
    so I would see this being able to be displayed by filling a merged cell (that spanned the desired time period) the more progress made the more of the cell would be filled in.

    as per that scenario... on about 07.09.06 the cell would be half filled showing you was dead on track.

    or maybe there's another way to do the same thing

    I will doctor a jpeg to show what I mean (see below)
    You see tasks number 1, 2 and 3 span dates from 1.9.06 till 10.9.06 so take up the same amount of space on the gantt chart but they are at differant stages of completion so the cells reflect this in the amount they are filled.

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    I would put my data in chronological order in one sheet and I would build a macro that populates the Gantt chart graduallyas needed.
    Note that I don't think that using merged cell is a good idea for a Gantt chart.
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