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need advice on formatting issue

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    need advice on formatting issue

    We have an excel file, .xls format with 4 columns of data. An example column is:

    "some text here" "1" "23" "NA"

    However, when we open the file in excel and re-save, all of the ""'s around each piece of data dissappear. We receive a message box when saving the first time that says:

    "filename.xls may contain features that are not compatible with Text(Tab delimitted). Do you want to keep the workbook in this format?"

    If we say yes, we lose the "". If we say no, it overwrites the original file with all kinds of strange characters and formatting.

    All we want to accomplish is the deletion of the fourth column(there are many lines) without the removal of the ""s around the data. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like a real problem. I just tried to duplicate it and am unable to with a real Excel file. But, if I use a CSV file that I haved named with .xls file extension, then I can re-create the issue you describe.

    After deleting the column, try saving it as file type CSV (with or without .csv file extension) and see if that helps. No promises. But, I just tried it and it seemed to work for me.

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