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linking worksheets to auto-insert rows

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    linking worksheets to auto-insert rows

    I have multiple worksheets in one file that track various aspects of our employees information. One shows their generic human resources type of info, one shows their payroll information, one tracks their time off, one tracks their benefit information. When I add an employee I must go into all four spreadsheets and insert the row and put in all their info, much of which is duplicated from worksheet to worksheet (name, soc sec #, date of birth, date of hire, etc.). Is their a way to link the spreadsheets so that anytime I insert a row into the human resources spreadsheet (since that sheet is alphabetical, I insert rows), the other three worksheets will automatically insert a row as well and copy in the basic information?
    Thanks in advance for any insights.

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    Yes ... with Excel everything is feasible ...
    But this feature depends pretty much on the way you have built your worksheets ... If you have, say, a variables worksheet, which feeds all the subsequent sheets using linked formulas, it becomes feasible since each piece of information is always located in the same cell ... otherwise it is a nightmare ...

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