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Notes and Excel 2003 causing problems!

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    Notes and Excel 2003 causing problems!

    We found something very odd running Lotus Notes on XP. Our clients use some applications that are heavy on DDE. If they try to open an excel or word attachment in Notes, it can take up to 3 minutes! The only fix I found was to go into the File Type section for .XLS files in Windows Explorer and change the Open action under the DDE message window by clearing it out completely. Normally, [open(%1")] is in the DDE Message field but I had to clear this and add "%1" to the "Application to Perform Action" field. This resolved the problem but now clients can not have Excel sheets open within one workbook. This seems more like a work around. Does this sound familiar? any issues with DDE causing issues when opening excel/word attachments in Notes?


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    Hi and welcome to the forums

    Personally, I've not seen these types of issues as I'm using Office 2003 (latest service pack plus patches) with Lotus Notes 6.5.5 (our company standard) under XP SP2.

    While I occassionally launch Excel spreadsheets attached to a Notes email message, I'm more apt to download the files to a folder if I plan to keep them and launch from there. Still, I've never seen 2-3 minute hang ups, so you might want to check www.lotus.com and www.technet.com for where this issue might lie. Good luck and a few links found in a quick search are noted below:

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