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Extracting Data from a Pivot Table and comparing

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    Extracting Data from a Pivot Table and comparing

    I know that GETPIVOTDATA will give pivot data, but I have not been able to find a way to get the data as the report changes for various selections. What I am trying to do is compare actual monthly salary info by fund code and employee in a pivot table to budgeted data by employee, when I try to create a formula to reference the actual expense in the pivot table it is always an absolute reference. I need to find a way (either using the pivot table or extracint date from the table) to compare the actual salary information to budgeted. Any help would be greatly appreciated. mwburne

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    If you don't use your mouse and just type out the formula referencing the cell you would like from the pivot table, it will not be a hard reference and will update with the data.

    What is likely more useful is using a vlookup() function against the pivot table to ensure you are returning the correct row of data. Don't pass the VLOOKUP() function the exact range, just pass it the columns the table is in i.e. $A:E$, but make sure to use the fourth arguement of false.

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